How does the Body Furnace work to keep me warm?

Simply put, the Body Furnace heats the core, which frees your body to efficiently warm your extremities, including your hands, fingers, feet and toes.

In other words, the Body Furnace works in conjunction with the natural function of the body to keep you warm.

The human body has a certain amount of automatic temperature control, a process called thermoregulation, and attempts to maintain your body core temperature at 98.6°F. Your body has some flexibility; however, it is critical to maintain your bodily temperature within a very narrow range. Hypothermia sets in at just three degrees below our 98.6° baseline temperature.

Your body produces heat for maintaining your core temperature by metabolizing food and muscle activity, this heat is lost through the skin and lung surfaces. When heat loss from a cold environment causes the core temperature to drop, the body's natural thermostat reacts with vasoconstriction, a restriction of blood flow to the extremities and skin surfaces. This is what’s happening when you are feeling discomfort and pain in your hands and feet due to cold. Conversely, when heat is applied to the abdominal area, the core temperature rises causing a condition of vasodilation. Vasodilation expands the veins, allowing increased warm blood flow to reach the skin surfaces and extremities, relieving the discomfort of a cold environment. The Body Furnace heats the core to initiate this process of vasodilation, allowing your body to efficiently warm your extremities.

Technically-speaking, the Body Furnace is a spot warmer that uses patented thermal reflective technology to concentrate heat on the abdominal area for effective deep penetration into the body core, leveraging the natural process of thermoregulation to send heat throughout the body via the circulatory system. This function is much like that of a home's central furnace.

Why heat the abdominal area?

Areas such as the chest or back have bone structure which is a poor conductor of heat compared to the abdominal organs. By concentrating heat on the abdominal area, the Body Furnace takes the most efficient route to support the body’s natural thermoregulation process.

Do I need to wear a base layer?

Yes. Do not apply Body Furnace directly to skin. A light undershirt, or similar base layer, should always be worn under the Body Furnace.

How do I control the Body Furnace?

Download the Body Furnace App, available for Android and Apple phones, for customized heat settings and the ability to conveniently adjust temperature settings without removing your outer layer. The temperature of the Body Furnace can also be adjusted manually between low (100°F), medium (120°F), and high (140°F).

Warnings & Safety Precautions

Use carefully. Never expose bare skin to heating area. Do not use over sensitive areas of skin or in the presence of poor circulation. Do not use during pregnancy or if you are actively planning to become pregnant. The FDA and CPSC recommend the following precautions be taken to avoid hazards with the use of electric heating pads and heated clothing: Always -

Never -

Additional Warning

If you experience any discomfort while using this product, remove it immediately and consult your physician before resuming use.

Check with your physician before use if you:

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