Heat the core, warm the body

Body Furnace

Body Furnace packs powerful, customizable and long-lasting heat into an app-controlled, wearable device that keeps you warm wherever life takes you. Using patented thermal reflective technology, Body Furnace directs heat to your core allowing your body to maintain a stable temperature and keeps your extremities warm.

Includes: 1 Body Furnace, 1 Universal Wrap, 1 Micro USB Charger, Free Body Furnace Thermostat App for Android and IOS.

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Instructional video

  • Body Furnace Rechargable
  • Body Furnace Customizable Heat
  • Body Furnace Adjustable Size
  • Body Furnace Wireless Technology
  • Body Furnace Durable Construction
  • Body Furnace Heats Whole Body
Body Furnace Usage


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